Sola Church is a vintage church for a modern people

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We believe the Bible tells one story from beginning to end, the true story of the whole world.
Our desire is to know this story and its Hero and to play our part faithfully.
Need more specifics? Read our full statement of faith.

What would the world look like if it were the way it is supposed to be?

The story begins with the one True God who created everything and everything he made was good, right, and perfect. He placed humans in a garden at the center of His creation. God called these people to be servants who would reflect his goodness as they lovingly cultivated the world under God’s loving care and protection.

If God created the world good, right and perfect, why is there so much evil, wrong, and brokenness?

Rather than trusting God’s goodness and greatness, the humans chose to rebel against God, serving themselves instead of God. The consequences were massive as the entire creation fell under a curse. Sin, like a parasite, entered into God’s good creation and began eating away. God’s good creation fell further and further into despair. The people who were supposed to lovingly cultivate went further into hatred, violence, and selfishness.

What would God do to sort out this mess?

God promised to deal with the problem of sin and death that was infecting His good creation. He called one family to be his servants demonstrating and declaring His good reign. This family became a great nation charged to carry this blessing to every other nation. He rescued… them over and over and over again. But they continually rebelled until finally God let them go. Years turned into decades, decades turned into centuries. The people dreamed and hoped for the day when God would return, and all creation would be restored.

Would God ever return and fulfill his promises? When and how and through whom would God rescue his people and his creation?

Jesus, God become human, was God’s servant who would straighten out the mess, rescue his people, and carry the blessing to all the other nations. If Jesus was the one to save, that meant the other powers weren’t and they didn’t like that. Jesus was killed on a cross, bearing the sin of the world in his flesh. But three days later, Jesus was raised to life. The long awaited restoration had dawned!

If the restoration meant that everything was again good, right and perfect, why is there still so much evil, wrong, and brokenness?

The story wasn’t over yet. That the killed and raised Jesus was King over all the earth was good news and must be announced to the whole world. Jesus sent his followers, the Church, out into the world to be a family of missionary servants who would demonstrate and declare this good news. They were to live together as a foretaste of what has already dawned and will soon by fully revealed.

But isn’t the end of the story that we go up to heaven and live forever?

Jesus will return one day at the end of the story. He will put an end to all the evil, wrong and brokenness once and for all, finally and fully. He will win. He will rule. And the humans will finally be able to serve the creation and reflect God’s goodness and greatness to the world again forever.

[special_heading title=”Who We Are” subtitle=”Jesus Gave his people the Church these four Gospel Identities: Family, Learner, Missionary, Servant”]

We are a Family.

God, the perfect Father, has adopted us as His children.  Rather than a random collection of individuals, we live in committed relationships as brothers and sisters.  We arrange our lives to maximize the opportunity to be a part of each others’ lives.  We gather regularly to eat, celebrate, and share life.

We are Learners.

We don’t have it all together, rather, we are called into a lifelong journey of humbly learning how to follow Jesus.  To do this, we dedicate ourselves to understanding our story and our culture’s story through the lens of the biblical story.

We are Servants.

Jesus not only rules supremely over all the earth, but he intentionally disadvantaged himself for the sake of others.  Because Jesus was willing to serve us to the point of death, we are committed to serving each other and our cities.  We humbly and sacrificially serve by blessing people in word, deed and gifts.

We are Missionaries.

Jesus sent His Spirit to enable His Church to be a conduit of blessing to the world.  We actively engage and bless our communities with the good news that our world belongs to God.

[special_heading title=”How We Live” subtitle=”Sola Church exists to proclaim Christ as a caring community of God-exalting disciple makers. We intentionally work this out through the following values.”]
[icon_box title=”Gospel” text=”We believe the gospel, the good news that God is restoring all of creation to himself through Jesus, is a Story that changes every part of our lives. This story is about restored relationship to God, so we live in such a way as a community that we engage with God together through regular times of learning from the Bible, prayer, and worship.” style=”centered” icon=”fa-arrow-up” undefined=””]
[icon_box title=”Community” text=”We intentionally live life together in community. It’s crazy, but we have to do it intentionally because naturally our lives are independent instead of interdependent. We believe that as part of our human DNA, we are meant to both enjoy relationships and grow through them. We pursue deep community where people live life with each other: sharing meals, meeting needs, hanging out, mourning, and celebrating together.” style=”centered” icon=”fa-users” undefined=””]
[icon_box title=”Mission” text=”The gospel is to be declared and demonstrated in tangible, obvious ways by those who are following Jesus. God has called us to be actively involved in His ongoing work in this world and we embrace this reality as a practice of our life. This mission aspect isn’t supposed to be the exception to life, but the natural response to who God is and what He has done (is doing) for us.” style=”centered” icon=”fa-arrow-right” undefined=””]
[special_heading title=”How We Gather” subtitle=”The four identities of family, missionaries, servants, and learners above are plural – we need each other! Sola Church comes together in community in the following two ways.”]

Missional Communities

Rather than just “going to Church”, we believe that the call to follow Jesus is one that takes up all of life.  As followers and disciples of Jesus we believe that we, Jesus’ people, are the Church; this is an “all of the time” identity, not just something we assume for a few hours every week when we are gathered on a Sunday.  Born of this conviction, our local body is organized on the basis of  Missional Communities through which this “all of life” type of church can be expressed.

For us, a Missional Community is a smaller group of people, about the size of an extended family, who – based on their gospel identity – commit to live together as a family of missionary servants, intentionally making disciples of their surrounding community by proclaiming and demonstrating the gospel in tangible ways.  As a missional community grows and develops new leaders, it will birth new missional communities, extending the influence of God’s family across our city.

No family made up of people is perfect, and none of the Missional Communities that make up Sola Church are perfect.  But their unity is found, not in the perfection of people, but in having God as Father, Jesus as King, and the Spirit as the one who empowers growth and obedience.

To become involved in a Missional Community near you, contact one of the leaders listed on the map.

Missional Communities

Sunday Gatherings

We meet at Buck Recreation Center at 2004 W Powers Ave, Littleton, CO 80120.

Sunday Gatherings are a unique opportunity to gather as God’s people to hear from his Word, be reminded of his Story, sing his praise, and enjoy his presence, and celebrate the communion meal.  As a church family, we gather around Jesus and his remarkable grace. We also welcome those who are seeking, skeptical, or curious. If you’re visiting for the first time, you can expect to meet a warm, casual community that cares about one another and the needs of our city. We’d love to meet you.

Our Gathering starts at 10:30am, so you’ll want to arrive around 10:15 to meet people and check kids into Sola Kids.

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Sola Kids is a children’s program during our Sunday Gatherings that is structured to help the children of Sola learn who God is, what He is like, and how they should act toward Him. We will aim to teach God’s Word to our children in a way that is exciting and easily understood and that exalts the worth of God.

It is also the desire of Sola that our families worship together. Following the preaching message, our parents leave the worship service to pick up their children so that they can worship as a family for the remaining part of the service.

Along with the children’s services, the nursery ministry exists to uphold Deut. 6:5-7, believing that teaching our children God’s commandments begins with even the youngest of our community. Our goal is to provide a loving and caring environment where children feel safe and workers emulate the love of Christ. During the worship service, our workers will actively keep your child engaged, whether in play or stimulation, and will be proactive about using circumstances and situations as learning opportunities.

Sola’s children’s ministry uses The Gospel Project as its main teaching curriculum. kids are encouraged not to view the Bible as separate stories but as a cohesive story that shows God’s plan to rescue His people from sin and death through His Son, Jesus Christ. This redemptive message is taught all the way through the Old and New Testament. Jesus is the HERO of every story and the redemptive work of Christ is exalted and lifted high.  Each Sunday in the toddlers class an age appropriate Bible lesson is taught to drive home the truth that Jesus is our “hero” who rescues us from sin. We color and play games. Our workers teach important skills such as listening, sitting still for small periods of time, and following directions. We also love to have fun and incorporate lots of movement and exploration while we learn. We know Toddlers are busy people and we encourage them to sing and dance in worship to God!

We encourage our elementary age students to actively worship with their families during our preaching service. On alternating Sundays, our Kindergarten through 3rd graders and 4th through Middle Schoolers meet for a class directed at their age group, using curriculum titled What’s Up? Discovering the Gospel, Jesus, and Who You Really Are. The students engage in discussion centered around the Gospel and discuss practical ways to live out their faith with their peers.

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[special_heading title=”Meet Our Partners” subtitle=”Sola is part of the Soma Family of Churches, the Acts 29 Church planting network, and the North American Mission Board”]
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Your gifts are worship to God out of the overflow of his generosity in giving new life to us in Jesus.  They go toward the equipping of the Church for gospel saturation.

Want to know more about giving? See Sola’s Philosophy of Stewardship

There are three ways to give to Sola Church:

  • You may give in person at Sola’s weekly Sunday Gathering.
  • You may send checks to PO Box 3483, Littleton, CO 80161
  • You may give online.
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